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As well as writing, I’m also helping my partner get some of her music out on video. Here are some that I’ve done for her, that I hope you’ll enjoy… [ Annie Locke Music Videos ]

These tracks can be found on her website – available on the downloads page.

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O Holy Night – solo piano cover version of Adolphe Adam’s carol
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Annie Locke Music | O Holy Night image
Annie says she, had a sudden impulse, about a week before Christmas, to do a cover of O Holy Night, one of my favourite Christmas songs, by Adolphe Adam. This is the first cover I’ve ever done.

An End to Hunger, An End to War – track from A Glimmer of Hope

Annie Locke Music | An End to Hunger, An End to War image
Annie writes: This video, taken from the music track of the same name, from my album, A Glimmer of Hope, we think speaks for itself. Please share. Thank you.

Riding Through Montana – track from A Glimmer of Hope

Annie Locke Music | Riding Through Montana image
Annie writes: Have a relaxing few minutes listening to this gentle music, and imagining yourself riding (or strolling, perhaps) through beautiful mountains and wide open spaces.

The track is from my new album, A Glimmer of Hope, and was improvised in one take, then re-recorded. [ Annie Locke Music Videos ]

Crystal Fairies – track from The Living Earth

Annie Locke Music | Crystal Fairies image
Annie writes: A fun track from my, ‘The Living Earth‘ album, which should particularly appeal to children. FAIRIES DO EXIST – as you will see!

UK Seascapes – track from Memories

Annie Locke Music | UK Seascapes image
Beautifully relaxing music from ‘Memories’ album, paired with stunning seascape photography by Nick Cockman. The music track used is ‘As It Will Be Part 3.’

Crystal Moments – track from The Living Earth

Annie Locke Music | Crystal Moments image
Annie writes: A beautifully tuneful track from my very first album, ‘The Living Earth’, which was improvised with crystals in mind. This is new age music which is both happy and relaxing – suitable for adults and children alike. [ Annie Locke Music Videos ]

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