Spiritual Q & A imageYou say “We live in challenging times.” I’d agree but I’m surprised no one has yet asked you what these challenging times are about, what’s going on? (Nasra H.)

Hello Nasra, thanks for your question. I must admit I did wonder if anyone was going to ask for my view on this. [ What are these challenging times all about ]

Well there is so much going on that it is hard to pin down the reasons or causes behind, what I describe as, “challenging times.” [ What are these challenging times all about ]

To understand this I believe one has to accept that what is going on in the world is “meaningful.” If one can do that then one will be able to make better sense of it.

In order to do this I turn to astrology. Some time back (2012) I wrote an article “Global Unrest.” If you visit you’ll also find a link to a second related article, All Along the Watchtower (written a year later). I believe they are worth a read in answering your question.

Basically, my perspective of what we are going through is symbolised by the outer planets of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (Pluto is still seen as an important “planet” in astrology) – their relationship with each other. I won’t go into all the ins and outs here as you can check this for yourself.


There is a lot of tension around, and these planets symbolise that tension. If you notice it, we are facing a plethora of stored-up “skeletons in the cupboard,” stuff we have brushed under the carpet for too long. It is now pouring out, like a wound in need of cleansing and being healed.

Particularly there is a need for us, the human race, to move to the next level in our development. To begin becoming the spiritual beings that we are inside. [ What are these challenging times all about ]

For this to happen we will have to revise a lot of what we believe to be true, our constructs of the world, our religions, our fears, our conventions and our perceived normality – especially regarding our true nature, and with respect to life and death. [ What are these challenging times all about ]

Galactic Federation

If I was to say to you that we are a part of a federation of conscious life existing across our Milky Way Galaxy, what would you say?

You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking this guy is a space-cadet for sure. Well, whether you believe we could be or not, humour me for a moment and consider the adjustment we would need to make to participate in such a “Star Trek” situation.

By comparison to the adjustment we would need to make, most of us are currently sleepwalking through our daily lives, in our understanding, attitudes and expectations; wouldn’t you say?

Actually I hold my hand up. I am a “space cadet” and do believe we have a place at such a table. What we are heading into, I believe, is big. We have to grow up and adjust to this new world order. It may not happen in our lifetimes but I wouldn’t bet against it happening sooner than later. [ What are these challenging times all about ]

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What are these challenging times all about?

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