Spiritual Q & A imageHow do you cope with knowing you will die one day? (Angie S)

Thanks for your question Angie.

I’m in my 70s now. That “one day” is inevitably getting closer.

Death could be quite a wonderful experience. I’m not too afraid of the event itself.

It is not death however that concerns me, but rather my timing – loved ones and what I might leave behind undone. [ Cope with knowing you will die ]

I have a number of things I need to do before passing – and I am determined to get these done.

These include continuing to help my partner, with her music, and having the security and loving support around her should I go before she does.

I also have a number of books I need to get off my chest before departing.

If I can get all this in – and possibly a world trip, and a few beers – I won’t feel too bad about going over – and continuing on the Other Side.

I hope this helps. [ Cope with knowing you will die ]

By the way, my book, Life and Death: Making Sense of It, contains an appendix, Six Months To Live. It has lots of tips and advice on what to do if you know you have a short time to live – and none of us know for certain how long we have got. If interested the ebook only costs a few cents, around 2.99 from Amazon and elsewhere – or from my website link above.

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Cope with knowing you will die

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