Spiritual Q & A imageI find it incredible that you not only believe in astrology but have also studied it as a serious subject. Haven’t you sussed, it’s all rubbish? (J. A.)

JA, thanks for your question/comment. [ Astrology serious subject rubbish ]

Look before you judge astrology, and my stupidity for having interest in it, I suggest you read my Get Real About Astrology article. It is better than my reiterating my arguments for it here. It’s in two parts but no strain to read through it. [ Astrology serious subject rubbish ]

You are not alone with your view on astrology – of course not – and I’ve no wish to change your view on the matter. Let’s agree to disagree. Even so I hope the article might encourage you to look at astrology from a different perspective.

I suspect you, like most people – including one or two astronomers I could name – know very little about astrology, so give the article a read. There’s more to it than you’ll get from the tabloid press. [ Astrology serious subject rubbish ]

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Astrology serious subject? Rubbish!

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