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We live in challenging times, I would suggest, and it behoves us to look for answers to some of the bigger questions that life poises for us… [ Spiritual Q and A ]

Not a religious person

What I offer, in Spiritual Q & A, is an opinion, my understanding or belief. In fairness this is an informed opinion as I have been exploring answers to such questions, it seems, for most of my life.

This was driven, in part, by (some paranormal) experiences; followed by study (involving psychology and astrology), and having debates with quite a number of secular and spiritual people. I arrived at my own conclusions regarding the bigger questions life poses for us here on the Earth. These conclusions are not necessarily aligned with conventional wisdom.

I’m not therefore a religious person. If anything I consider I have a philosophical take on the matters being covered. And I will say that I endeavour to live my life by what I believe.[ Spiritual Q and A ]

About the questions

The questions under the Spiritual Q & A menu (above) are from people who have either written to me, after seeing the invitation on the home page (or here); or they areĀ  questions I have answered on Quora, and have added under the appropriate topic.

See what you make of them… view the menu top of the site. Leave a comment. [ Spiritual Q and A ]

I’ll be placing more as they come in, so, do check back later. Meanwhile I hope you find both the questions and answers of interest and possible help.

If you have a question you’d like to ask me, then get in touch.

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Spiritual Q & A
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