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We live in challenging times, I would suggest, and it behoves us to look for answers to some of the bigger questions that life poises for us… [ Spiritual Q & A ]

There has never been a better time than now to find out.
[ Spiritual Q & A ]
The following are questions that people have sent into me after seeing the invitation on the home page (or here), and have kindly allowed me to place here, with my answers. See what you make of them… [ Spiritual Q & A ]

The most recent question will be to the top. I’ll be placing more as they come in, so, do check back later. Meanwhile I hope you find both questions and answers below of interest and possible help.

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Spiritual Q & A

If there is an afterlife, why are we scared of death? (J. Knight)

Well this is an interesting bit of synchronicity. I have only recently answered a very similar question elsewhere. I’m going to give the same answer here. [ If an afterlife why scared of death ]

This is a great question by the way J Knight.

Here’s my take, and some of it is going to be a bit of a rant:

1. We don’t like “change” unless we are in control of it, and even then we may not like it.

So imagine the following. Note I’ve lifted some of this from one of my books, Life and Death: Making Sense of It – see Life and Death the book.[ If an afterlife why scared of death ]

“You’re by yourself, in the comfort of your home, getting on with your life. You have a lot on your mind, things to do. A lot of stressful concerns and changes have been going on for you recently that have made you frankly unhappy and exhausted. Your partner or family are out for a while.

“There is a knock on your door. You answer it. There is a taxi waiting outside. Someone has come to collect you. It’s a surprise, and you are given little choice in the matter, the fare is paid for. The next thing you know you are being whisked away, to a place, who knows, perhaps many thousands of miles away, on the other side of the world. [ If an afterlife why scared of death ]

“In no time it seems you arrive at your destination. Now okay, this place you have been taken to turns out to be a beautiful and inspiring place, with very friendly faces to greet you. You are made to feel very special and welcome. Seems a lot of people knew you were coming over and are throwing a party in your honour. [ If an afterlife why scared of death ]

“Initially you went along with this, but are you really noticing what a nice place it is right now? Most probably you are getting really confused and upset. Someone tries to explain why you have been brought to this place, but are you listening? Most probably you are too preoccupied, too much in shock to listen. All you want to do now is get back to your home, back to your life and activities, back to sorting out those issues demanding your attention, back to your family and friends – indeed you are now demanding to be taken back…”

The problem with death then is that it brings great change to our lives – and we’re mostly not too keen on it. It is upsetting, or can be. We fear death as a result.

But, as we know, there are other big reasons for not being too keen on it too.

2. The disconnect from loved ones.

It goes without saying this is a big concern and with this comes a fear of death. As we know only too well, the physical loss of a loved one is no joke, and can be unbearable. Certainly those we leave behind are likely to be no longer able to see us or feel us after we pass over – even though we will be able to see them. In death of a loved one it is hard to comfort someone in the knowledge that the loss is only temporary – which I believe is so. The disconnect is only apparent to our limited senses.

3. Religious misinformation – come back Origen, all is forgiven.

For centuries we have signed up for, have been fed on, what I’d describe as, religious misinformation, control and corruption – and that’s putting it mildly. Particularly this is so (in my experience and opinion) of the Abrahamic religions. It is nothing short of criminal and can’t go on. It offers little understanding of the spiritual journey, has lost sight of the reason we are here, and (no doubt with all best intention at the beginning), it plays into increasing our fear of death, with its god, hellfire and brimstone, and Judgement Day scenarios.

Call me stupid but when we meet our brothers and sisters from other parts of our galaxy I believe we’ll begin to realise how duped we have been buying into most of this now primitive stuff. It’ll be a wakeup call for certain.

4. Nothing beyond death

I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.

Stephen Hawking, physicist, cosmologist

Our sciences have as good as put paid to a lot of outdated religious belief, and good on ’em for that we might say. But also, in some quarters at least, this reductionist/mechanistic worldview has brought its own secular religion and dogma: There being no such thing as the afterlife is one of its tenets.

When you’re dead you’re dead. End of… Like this outcome is known as a scientific fact – like hell it is. This brain-centric view of life will eventually go the same way as the belief that the Earth was at the centre of the cosmos – it just looks that way.

Between a rock and a hard place

So a lot of us, I’d suggest, try to live as though this death thing is taboo, it is morbid and final, and best not discussed. It can certainly be painful. Better not to look at it. It happens to old people. We’re okay, we’ve got years left yet!

We carry on with our lives as though it doesn’t exist – except for the occasional reminders of death that come our way. We mostly make little effort to understand it, and thereby make little preparation for it – other than the obvious practical considerations, like taking financial care of our loved ones in the event, which, of course, is a good and noble thing to do.

Imagine though if you were told that as part of a team you had to climb Everest by the end of this year. Would you seek to prepare for it or just let it happen? Death is a real coming event for all of us, and is it bigger than Everest? Come on! Give me a break I hear you say.

And how few of us know when it will arrive, knocking on the door.

If it be now, ’tis not to come. If it be not to come, it will be now. If it be not now, yet it will come – the readiness is all.

William Shakespeare

Study death

It would be better if we all incorporated the study of death into our lives. Better still, follow a spiritual path. Not wishing to over-plug it but just to mention the Appendix of the book mentioned above has some thoughts on what to do with Six Months to Live. Life and death is a natural part of living. [ If an afterlife why scared of death ]

I believe, from the evidence that I have looked at, we do indeed survive death. It is a letting go of our physical spacesuit we need for living and learning on this planet. We continue on our travels homeward – why would it be any different? [ If an afterlife why scared of death ]

As CS Lewis puts it so elegantly: You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.

You might also take a read of my (logical) argument as to why it is better for our health to believe in the afterlife than not – Shades of Pascal’s Wager.

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Have you ever experienced something you can’t explain? (via Quora)

Note this question came up in Quora. As it is relevant to Spiritual Q & A, I decided to place my answer here too. [ Ever experienced something you can’t explain ]

Depends on what you believe

This question really depends upon what one believes about the world. If you believe that paranormal events can happen (via personalities or energies we can’t always see within the limitations of our physical senses) then you may well have an explanation (correct or incorrect) for something that others consider as unexplainable, or impossible. [ Ever experienced something you can’t explain ]

Some of my experience

I’ve certainly experienced seeing UFOs and ghosts, and other phenomena. Not a huge amount but some. For example: [ Ever experienced something you can’t explain ]

  • I had an interesting ride on an elevator on the RMS Queen Mary, back in 2000 (when we stayed at the hotel – I had no idea of its “haunted” reputation at the time), where it most certainly seemed to have a mind of its own. I was the only person on it – that was visible to me. Could I get it to move or stop – only when it wanted to. We went up and down, doors opening and closing. I came to no harm though.
  • I had a ghost walk past me in an old Edwardian doctors’ house (in Peterborough UK). I was living in the house with a bunch of archaeologists. It was being used as a dig-house. I could only see the top half of a very worried looking person. I tried speaking to it but it ignored me – a replay I suspect.
  • At another time I had to swerve into the middle of a road to avoid two cyclists riding two-abreast. The weird thing is my passenger couldn’t see them and when I checked in the wing mirror nor could I. They possibly died on the spot and the whole sequence was probably just a replay.

If interested, I wrote about some of these in my Life and Death: Making Sense Of It book. The book is not intended to be sensationalist about paranormal stuff, but to make us think that we are spiritual beings.

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Why do you think people should be interested in spiritual matters? If you look at life from a scientific perspective it is all pretty straight forward, we live we die. Why complicate the matter? (Trevor B.)

Thanks for your question and comment Trevor. [ Why should people be interested in spiritual matters ]

I’d say that if you are looking at life from a “scientific perspective” then that, in itself, should give you cause not to be too hasty in your judgement of what is, and isn’t, the truth regarding life, death and spirituality. I believe the evidence, from paranormal studies, mediums, children and past lives, and NDE studies, supports our survival of death better than the evidence for when we are dead we are dead. [ Why should people be interested in spiritual matters ]

I happen to trust the evidence that we do survive death. Given this is the case it raises questions regarding why we survive, for what purpose. It seems to me inevitable that this leads to questions regarding “meaning” and “purpose” to life, and onto “spirituality.”

Life is for the living

Actually this question reminds me of the logic I used in the, Are You Ready for This, chapter of the Life and Death book. If one chooses to ignore the evidence there is still a logical argument for saying, in terms of leading a happy life, it is better to believe one will survive death than not. [ Why should people be interested in spiritual matters ]

Take a read of my logic from this article. Better still, download the chapter mentioned for free off this link. If you decide to get the book, have a read of the Fringe Benefits chapter for the evidence I present there.

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What do I need to do to improve my spiritual life? (Florence A.)

Thanks for your question Florence. It’s a great question. I reckon we could all use improving our spiritual lives.

This is something you really need to do for yourself. Or in other words find what works for you.

It’s a Mind, Body & Spirit matter

Taking an holistic approach though you really need to look after your Mind, Body and Spirit. All three need to be brought into balance.

I consider eating healthily, taking exercise, taking meditation,  pursuing reading (around spiritul matters), music and laughter, all good for the soul and spiritual development. But also take a few risks, and if you can, mix with people on a wavelength that supports what you are endeavouring to achieve.

Listen to your heart. If going forward feels right then pursue it and don’t look down or back.

Helpful Resources

I can offer you a free book, Steps to Health, Wealth & Inner Peace, that provides further insight and tips on health and meditation, to cover much of this. Also check out these articles if of interest: How to find yourself, and some wonderful books you might take a look at in Twelve Inspirational Life Books.

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Hello Sylvia, thanks for your question. [ What is the Other Side like ]

Here’s what I believe to be the case for most of us.* [ What is the Other Side like ]

The Other Side is another vibration level to the one we are in right now. It operates outside of linear time, as we know it.

It will reflect where we are in our spiritual state and expectations. Those built up through our experience of being on the Earth. If we believe we will meet St Peter at the gates of heaven, then we probably will. We need to try and avoid getting caught up in the fluffy clouds and angels with harps however.

In context, I’d say we are busy creating our Other Side while we are here, right now. In many respects then our experience of the Other Side will be unique to ourselves.

Home, as opposed to being Over Here

For most of us, I suspect, it will soon feel like “home” when we get there – as we come to be reminded we have been there before; a lot longer than Over Here (let’s call it), in the physical world. It might be better to view the Other Side as a base camp for our work and adventures, that we go out from, and return to. Although that wouldn’t be forever. [ What is the Other Side like ]

Probably what we will see, on the Other Side, will be a beautiful representation of what we have been used to, on the Earth. Beautiful countryside, beautiful buildings, villages, towns and cities, and of course beautiful people – well I trust they will be. Animals will be there if we want them there – I certainly will.

We will be able to meet up with old acquaintances, family, friends who have also passed over. This is if we wish to – as, of course, we may not. We can also readily revisit loved ones on the Earth, or places we liked to go to, when we were there. Bear in mind there may be some negotiation to be had with advisors over such trips.

We have all our faculties and personality

We will look as we do now, only finer in our etheric body. We can choose to look younger or older in presentation as we wish – once we have regained the hang of it.

We carry our identity with us. In other words, we have all our faculties and personality – or we regain our faculties if damaged or disabled during physical life. The human body is a wonderful hi-tech instrument, a spacesuit for the Earth, but it is not the soul, and its etheric body doesn’t have the same limitations.

Travel in the bat of an eyelid

We can move around freely, by thought. We don’t have the physical constraints on us as we do now. We won’t need vehicles to get around in, and we can also create for our needs through thought.

We can travel great distances in the bat of an eyelid. We can look back over our previous times and project forward. It seems there is no restriction on such travel.

We’ll probably have a sense of being bathed in wellbeingness, in Love, and I suspect music will still play a big part in our lives. [ What is the Other Side like ]

Does that sound like heaven to you Sylvia?

Our learning never ends however. Bear in mind an ice-cream can taste wonderful, two can be just as good, but three and you may be feeling you’ve had a belly full – and it’s time to move on. As a cosmic traveller, on a mission, you’ll no doubt find at some point that heaven ain’t all it’s cracked up to be…

I’ve written a whole chapter on The Other Side in, Life and Death: Making Sense of It. It includes quotes from people having had NDE experiences, quotes from mediums and particularly a Q & A session with the medium, Andrea Grieveson. [ What is the Other Side like ]

*A few of us, let’s say, will have a more testing experience on the Other Side, having gone backwards in our spiritual development through the way we have lived and interacted with others on the Earth. A balance will need to be struck.

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You say “We live in challenging times.” I’d agree but I’m surprised no one has yet asked you what these challenging times are about, what’s going on? (Nasra H.)

Hello Nasra, thanks for your question. I must admit I did wonder if anyone was going to ask for my view on this. [ What are these challenging times all about ]

Well there is so much going on that it is hard to pin down the reasons or causes behind, what I describe as, “challenging times.” [ What are these challenging times all about ]

To understand this I believe one has to accept that what is going on in the world is “meaningful.” If one can do that then one will be able to make better sense of it.

In order to do this I turn to astrology. Some time back (2012) I wrote an article “Global Unrest.” If you visit you’ll also find a link to a second related article, All Along the Watchtower (written a year later). I believe they are worth a read in answering your question.

Basically, my perspective of what we are going through is symbolised by the outer planets of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (Pluto is still seen as an important “planet” in astrology) – their relationship with each other. I won’t go into all the ins and outs here as you can check this for yourself.


There is a lot of tension around, and these planets symbolise that tension. If you notice it, we are facing a plethora of stored-up “skeletons in the cupboard,” stuff we have brushed under the carpet for too long. It is now pouring out, like a wound in need of cleansing and being healed.

Particularly there is a need for us, the human race, to move to the next level in our development. To begin becoming the spiritual beings that we are inside. [ What are these challenging times all about ]

For this to happen we will have to revise a lot of what we believe to be true, our constructs of the world, our religions, our fears, our conventions and our perceived normality – especially regarding our true nature, and with respect to life and death. [ What are these challenging times all about ]

Galactic Federation

If I was to say to you that we are a part of a federation of conscious life existing across our Milky Way Galaxy, what would you say?

You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking this guy is a space-cadet for sure. Well, whether you believe we could be or not, humour me for a moment and consider the adjustment we would need to make to participate in such a “Star Trek” situation.

By comparison to the adjustment we would need to make, most of us are currently sleepwalking through our daily lives, in our understanding, attitudes and expectations; wouldn’t you say?

Actually I hold my hand up. I am a “space cadet” and do believe we have a place at such a table. What we are heading into, I believe, is big. We have to grow up and adjust to this new world order. It may not happen in our lifetimes but I wouldn’t bet against it happening sooner than later. [ What are these challenging times all about ]

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If there is a god why does he not intervene in stopping mad people from killing and blowing people up? (Nancy U.)

Hi Nancy. That’s a great question. It’s the kind of question that puzzles a lot of us – and turns some of us to become atheists – myself included in the conventional way of looking at things.[ Why does god not intervene ]

It is also a very apt question at this time when globally there is a lot of darkness and death being caused by humans. One might ask, why should any god intervene in the mess we (okay a few of us) are creating.

I’ll give you my answer to this. But I suspect you may have difficulty accepting it. [ Why does god not intervene ]

There is no god!

There is no god in the way that the god of religion is portrayed. Certainly it is no guy, made in the likeness of ourselves, up in the clouds. I have said similar elsewhere in these responses.

There is, I believe, Love at the source of everything, and we are an eternal part of that Love – no matter how dark, deadly and primitive our actions.[ Why does god not intervene ]

In the process of awakening

We are all in the process of awakening. We have, as a result, freedom of choice. We in turn carry responsibility for our actions. And we do reap what we sow, for good or ill. [ Why does god not intervene ]

We all, I believe, have to redress the balance of our former actions before we can move on – and our current lives will reflect where we are with our learning. Learn about “karma” to understand this.

That said, I do believe in the possibility of what we’d call “divine intervention” – eminating from the source. Love conquers all – I believe that to be true. We will eventually learn to heal our wounds and live in peace, with Love at the centre of our existence. [ Why does god not intervene ]

I hope this helps – a bit at least. I cover karma in my Life and Death book by the way

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I wouldn’t mind dying – it’s the business of having to stay dead that scares the shit out of me. (Ivana D.)

Note: From a Twitter follower. I thought it appropriate to respond to it here. [ Staying dead scares the shit out of me ]

I love your honesty Ivana, and the issues it might raise for, I suspect, most of us reading it.

Who in their right mind isn’t afraid of death, or at least disturbed by the thought of it? It’s a big change in circumstances for each of us. [ Staying dead scares the shit out of me ]

Imagine you are migrating to the other side of the world. Your expectations are very high and you are really excited about going. If you are honest you are also going to be nervous regarding what you are heading into, the reality of it, and also what you are leaving behind – particularly if that involves family and friends. [ Staying dead scares the shit out of me ]

Death is going to be an adventure…

Death is just such a real adventure. It will happen to us all, and it is not morbid to give thought to it, nor make preparation for it. If you can you will want to leave without loose ends, with no regrets.

Like any major change, death (in my beliefs) marks a major milestone in our direction of travel. As day follows night – and that order is intentional – if we look deep enough we will find death is a natural and meaningful part of our travels. [ Staying dead scares the shit out of me ]

When we die, we leave our body, the vehicle we have spent this time in, the vehicle that is designed and most suited for living on the Earth – not where we are going. We move on. None of us “stay dead,” although probably most of us need a good long kip after the move to get adjusted to the change.

In our etheric body we look just the same person we are familiar with. We can choose to look younger too should we need to. We can even choose to look different once other adjustments are made, and we remember our older skills. [ Staying dead scares the shit out of me ]

We can still visit

Unlike our journey to the other side of the world, going to the Other Side there are no obstacles to our getting back, should we need to (to revisit loved ones). At some point we will probably want to come back into the physical, to continue our learning. [ Staying dead scares the shit out of me ]

Take a read of my book, Life and Death: Making Sense of It, particularly Chaper 6: The Other Side, and also the Appendix: Six Months to Live, to get further insight into my thoughts on this…

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Heck no John.

What I would say is that what I’m writing about, and responding to, with questions here, is what greatly interests me. [ Do you see yourself as some kind of guru ]

Guru – learner more like!

I’m a learner. But I’d suggest I know a thing or two from my learning. Just like anyone who has studied their craft, I have an opinion on my area of study.

Besides I see what I’m doing here as providing an opinion/service that in the end the reader can take or leave. I hope this helps to clarify my position.

[ Do you see yourself as some kind of guru ]

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I’m an atheist. I see no reason to believe in any of the spiritual rubbish you are covering here. What’s your answer to that? (A.T.)

Not much! You are of course entitled to your viewpoint A.T. [ I see no reason to believe the rubbish here ]

I will say this though. It sounds to me a bit like you are not quite so certain of your own beliefs. Otherwise why would you feel the need to read this “rubbish” and ask your question the way you have.

Look, when I was in my twenties I held a view on life probably not disimilar to yours. I was quite outspoken (on my existentialist views) too. I think now, on looking back, it was probably very healthy that I held such views. [ I see no reason to believe the rubbish here ]

Each to their own

I was raised as a Catholic. I rebelled against that upbringing, initially in a teenage rebellion but later in seeking my own version of what to believe. One could say that I’ve come full circle in now accepting a spiritual reality to life. But this is belief without the shackles of orthodox religion.

I actually believe some religions need revising, updating as they are already getting out of step with the direction of travel of human life – which I anticipate will become much more manifest going forward.

Being an atheist ain’t so bad

So, from my own experience, I think it is kind of healthy to hold secular views at this time. It can help undo the mythology of orthodox religion, as I see it. [ I see no reason to believe the rubbish here ]

But keep an open mind that neither science or religion have a monopoly on the truth. Leave the door ajar on “spirituality.” It is often said, “the truth is out there.” I’d say there is a greater truth within to be discovered. [ I see no reason to believe the rubbish here ]

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I read your answer re humans living on the Earth. So where do you believe we came from? Did we just arrive here? (Beatrice S.)

Hello Beatrice. I’m wondering, I probably didn’t explain my view as well as I should in that answer (immediately above). [ Where do you believe we came from ]

My view is that we are souls that are involved in the evolutionary process. As humans I don’t believe we arrived from anywhere as such. One could argue it is down to evolution taking place here that our development has occurred. As I said, or implied above, it looks as though it all speeded up for humanity around 50,000 ago.

Evolution but why at that point?

But one does have to ask why it happened, and at that point. On the face of it, it is evolution, but is it all down to evolution as we know it? From that point onwards in time we began to stand outside of the animal kingdom. [ Where do you believe we came from ]

Look, I actually believe we had some help. In the Life and Death book I consider alternative reasons to the simple evolutionary argument. [ Where do you believe we came from ]

If you want to pursue that, it’s better you read it there, in the book, than my giving a potted version of it here. I hope this helps Beatrice.

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How long do you think humans have lived on the Earth? (Adrian T.)

Thank you for this question Adrian. It is one that interests me greatly. Indeed I wrote a chapter (Out of The Garden) covering it, in the Life and Death book. [ How long have humans lived on the Earth ]

The human form, as we know it, has probably been around for at least 200 thousand years – and is believed to relate back much further, possibly two million years, to Homo-ergaster and even earlier hominids.

Form is not the same as content

There is a difference however between form and content. What interests me is that, based on the evidence we have, there arguably occurred a shift in consciousness around 50,000 years ago. It could be longer but still a relatively short span of time going back. This was a major shift, marking the arrival of human beings. I discuss my reasoning for this in the Out of The Garden chapter.

So you could say that we have lived here since then. I hope this helps to answer your question. [ How long have humans lived on the Earth ]

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Do you really believe that UFOs exist? I’m very sceptical but a recent experience has given me some food for thought. (Don M.)

Hello Don, thank you for your question. Well you don’t mention what that experience is, or was. In context I’m anticipating that in asking this question you are really angling as to whether I believe in extraterrestrials or not – rather than just UFOs. [ Do you really believe that UFOs exist ]

My short answer is “Yes of course.” Why wouldn’t I?

A lot of things are flying around in our skies that we label as UFOs. This is because we simply don’t know what they are – at the time of being observed. Only later we find an explanation for them, and  often the explanation is closer to home – something we are familiar with, or perhaps a phenomenon that may be new to us – such as the Hessdalen Lights in Norway – but possibly closer to home in origin.

We should bear in mind we do a lot of the “flying around” ourselves these days. If you think about it, it is only a relatively recent phenomenon in itself. You’ve only to go back to before 1783 (when Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier and François Laurent d’Arlandes flew the first hot air balloon) and we’re talking of anything flying to be a “paranormal” event – except for the witches and birds that is.

We are not alone

Look here’s my argument:
1. Surely no one can really still believe that we are alone in the Universe. The likelihood that we are not alone is becoming overwhelming as we discover more “exoplanets” (planets similar to our own out there). There are a lot of planets in the habitable zone that could carry life as we know it. We are talking a potential of millions. [ Do you really believe that UFOs exist ]

2. Further, surely no one can really doubt the possibility that there is intelligent life out there. Some of it is likely to be much older in civilisation and development than us. [ Do you really believe that UFOs exist ]

We are arguably still quite primitive. But then if you think of the technological progress we have made, even in, say, the last hundred years, where might we be in a thousand years? On proviso we don’t blow ourselves up that is. [ Do you really believe that UFOs exist ]

In context, think of intelligent life out there that could be a million years older in cultural and technological development than us.

3. The big question we should be asking now is not whether intelligent extraterrestrial life exists but how the hell is it, or they, getting here, from light years away. [ Do you really believe that UFOs exist ]

Well I have a simple answer. This is off the wall. They are not depending upon primitive rocket power to get here or there, that’s for sure. They have instead found a way to operate outside of time. Here’s a clue – they astral travel! They have found how to slip through different dimensions.

I suspect in perhaps a few years, or a short time from now, this kind of question, as “do you believe in UFOs?” will be a non-question and all will seem so obvious and self-evident.

Don, sorry, I’ve got to go. There are people in black suits at the door… Just quickly, I’ll be writing about UFOs in my book, The Soul Agenda, that I’m currently working on. I’ll flag it up when done.

PS. You’ll find a number of articles on UFOs, and extraterrestrials, on my Life and Death website.

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Do you believe in Angels? I believe I have seen one. (Mikaila Z.)

Hello Mikaila. I think it’s “fabulous” that you have seen an angel. You haven’t described what this being looked like in your message – so come back to me if you wish to say more…

I’m not certain of the answer to this question. Clearly you (now) believe in angels, and it means something to you, so shouldn’t that be enough? [ Do you believe in Angels ]

To me this is like asking do I believe in “divine intervention?” And you know what, I do! I believe it can happen in exceptional circumstances – particularly where a soul is getting things screwed up yet again and their actions need a checkmate, or helping hand, placed upon them, perhaps before they hurt themselves or others. [ Do you believe in Angels ]

My argument is a bit woolly though, for reasons that a sequence of odd but timely events might also seem like divine intervention.

Could angels be extra-terrestrial beings?

Regards the existence of angels; I anticipate that there are all kinds of phenomena that I don’t know of, have never experienced – but have read about. Might some be possibly extra-terrestrial beings rather than angels in the biblical sense? I think they might.

Intervention by one’s soul

I’m inclined to believe in the possibility of intervention by one’s soul rather than any kind of guardian.

There are of course guides, but these guys, although can give you a guiding nudge or two, are not allowed to interfere with the direction of your life. For them it is all a case of their dropping hints if such is needed, which may or may not chime with the recipient. [ Do you believe in Angels ]

I wrote an article on divine intervention, that I also placed, in part, in the Introduction to my Life and Death book.

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Hello Sarah. Here’s what I believe, what I’ve researched and what I’ve been told through friends who are mediums. [ Does heaven and hell really exist ]

Yes, heaven and hell are real, but they are in the mind, states of soul, rather than physical places. That said, they are none the less real, as real to experience as any physical place.

Jesus said: In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? [John 14:2]

Heaven and Hell are really two ends of a spectrum of vibration, light and dark. There are many levels. Hell in real terms is the near-complete absence of Love. Heaven the opposite.

Heaven on Earth

But we can find heaven here, right here. We can also find hell if that is what we are seeking – whether we realise it or not. One might say it is easier to find hell in our physical state – where Love can be at a premium and more of a challenge to muster. [ Does heaven and hell really exist ]

If we live on the dark side of life, in ignorance and separation, then, when we die, we run the risk of either getting ensnared in becoming earthbound, too fearful to leave, or we go to a dark place.

These reflect our state of spiritual health, where we are at from a soul perspective. We put ourselves there by our thoughts and actions. We must bear in mind heaven or hell is of our own attraction and vibration. We are like water in finding our own level. [ Does heaven and hell really exist ]

Important to consider

A major difference between the heaven and hell, I’m representing here, and the heaven and hell of orthodox religions, is that nothing is eternal or hopeless.

All beings are in a state of learning, awakening. All beings depend on Love and will have opportunity to continue in growth and understanding, or repair any damage they have caused. All beings can also potentially fall from grace. [ Does heaven and hell really exist ]

I hope this helps Sarah. To find out more of my view (and the view of others) on this topic, take a read of Chapter 6: The Other Side, in my Life and Death book.

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What exactly do you mean by “spiritual health” and surely our religions adequately cover this? (Rosalind R.)

Rosalind, this is actually a big question. It is also a simple question. I’m going to keep my answer as short and simple as I can here. [ What do you mean by spiritual health ]

Firstly “spiritual health,” as I understand it, really involves awakening. Awakening to the idea that our lives are meaningful, that we are engaged in becoming more loving beings – and putting everything in context with that. [ What do you mean by spiritual health ]

This transcends way beyond what we might call our normal 9 to 5 level of awareness – our jobs, our home, family, our holidays and the things we have around us. This is not, however, to dismiss what we have, but to learn to see what is around us in symbolical terms. Our external situation mirroring our internal condition and situation. It becomes important to see things as they are.

Life is more than a “bucket list”

If we consider we are on a long journey homeward, to consciousness, to being fully awake and engaged, we can get a flavour of how each step, each situation we encounter, is developing from what has gone before, in context with our endeavours going forward.

From my perspective you have taken physical form and have arrived on the Earth with a mission. There is something you need to learn from being here – and you may well find it in your ordinary, everyday activities, even in a “bucket list.” Or there again you are yet to discover it in something less mundane.

It is for you to find out/know/remember what that something is. This learning, which may be simple or complicated, is linked to where you are currently at in your spiritual growth. You have come to participate, to give, to take, to learn something about Love, that you will carry away with you on leaving the physical world – once again. [ What do you mean by spiritual health ]

To sum up, I see spiritual health as awakening to, and getting on with, one’s mission – within a moral framework of course. The tricky part is that it is for us to decide (or remember) what our situation and mission is first, and then how best to approach fulfilling it. There will be clues around us and we need to look out for them. [ What do you mean by spiritual health ]

I hope this answers your question. I would like to think “our religions cover this” but I have concern that some, at least, do not. Besides there is always room for more “coverage” let’s say. [ Spiritual Q & A ]

If you have my Life and Death book, you might find it helpful to re-read the chapter on The Soul Question. Also take a look at the Buddhist Eight-fold Path which provides a short but comprehensive moral compass towards spiritual health.

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I find it incredible that you not only believe in astrology but have also studied it as a serious subject. Haven’t you sussed, it’s all rubbish? (J. A.)

JA, thanks for your question/comment. [ Astrology a serious subject. It’s all rubbish ]

Look before you judge astrology, and my stupidity for having interest in it, I suggest you read my Get Real About Astrology article, rather than my reiterating my argument here. It’s in two parts but no strain to read through it. [ Astrology a serious subject. It’s all rubbish ]

You are not alone with your view on astrology – of course not – and I’ve no wish to change your view on the matter. Let’s agree to disagree. Even so I hope the article might encourage you to look at astrology from a different perspective.

I suspect you know very little about astrology so give the article a read. There’s more to it than you’ll get from the tabloid press. [ Astrology a serious subject. It’s all rubbish ]


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What did you mean by saying, in your book, that karma and the Law of Attraction amount to the same thing? Surely they are opposites – one negative, the other positive? (Natalie J.)

Thanks for your question Natalie. Well as I said (in Life and Death) karma is like electricity. What makes it good or bad is how you use it. In itself it is neither good nor bad, positive or negative.

It is more than this of course; karma reminds us that we live in a meaningful and dynamic world where our thoughts and actions have consequences. We learn to work consciously with karma to produce our best results. Our thoughts and actions create reactions. [ Surely karma and the Law of Attraction are opposites ]
As Buddha said,
What you are now, is what you have been. What you will be (or become) is what you do now.” [ Surely karma and the Law of Attraction are opposites ]

Law of Attraction a modern slant of Karma

I see the Law of Attraction, as a modern slant on karma. But, for the most part without the emphasis on the spiritual urgency behind the earlier term. Indeed in the popular representation of it, the Law of Attraction is a preoccupation with the mundane – focusing on attracting more things into our lives – I’m still waiting for that car to arrive, but I’m told it’s on its way.

Even so it works on the basis of resonance. Building resonance, getting to the same vibration with what we want or desire. So, in order to be successful at it we have to lift our game. The more positive and loving we can muster in ourselves, thus lifting our vibration, the more successful we can be in attracting what we want. [ Surely karma and the Law of Attraction are opposites ]

Law of Attraction can lead to spirituality

It’s sneaky because the practice of working with the Law of Attraction is encouraging us along a path that leads towards spiritual understanding – just like working with karma…

I hope this helps to answer the question for you. If you are interested in looking further into the Law of Attraction, and more besides, get hold of my free book; Steps to Health, Wealth & Inner Peace. It’s available here. [ Surely karma and the Law of Attraction are opposites ]

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When we are dead, we are dead, so how can anything like ghosts really exist? It’s not possible. (Sophia A-L)

Thanks for your question Sophia. This is an interesting question. It is in two parts from how I read it.[ How can anything like ghosts really exist ]

I hope you’ll agree that we live in circumstances where, with the topic we are discussing here, it is better we talk of what we “believe,” or what we have been “taught” to believe, or what we have faith in, than to state something as though a fact of life. So firstly I’d say it is entirely your choice to believe that when you are dead you are dead – with nothing beyond that point. But it is a belief not a statement of fact.

In my Life and Death book I presented a number of reasons as to why I believe, and am convinced of the opposite, that we do survive death, that there is an afterlife. One of the reasons is because I believe in ghosts – or better still I have seen, what I accept as ghosts, on two occasions, or was it three. I would say I have also experienced “unseen ghosts” let’s say, on more than one occasion. What I want to add below is tied into my belief that ghosts exist – but not all ghosts are the same. [ How can anything like ghosts really exist ]

It’s all energy

In our lives we are interacting with our environment continuously. This is more especially so where feelings and emotions are concerned. Those locations or places – perhaps our home – where we have felt “at home,” secure and loved, we leave an impression, a good impression; that soaks into the environment, into the walls around us. People might well say our home has a nice welcoming atmosphere, or a peaceful atmosphere, and this will be, at least in part, due to our energy, what we give out. [ How can anything like ghosts really exist ]

Likewise in times of fear or extreme feelings, when our lives may be in crisis or life threatening danger, we can leave powerful negative and sad impressions on our environment. And, more tragic, if someone commits an atrocity or dark act on themselves or another person, that will especially leave a powerful impression on the environment around the act.

Ghosts that are seen, to my mind, split into three broad types:

Given the above, ghosts can simply be a playback of atmospheric memories. Like watching a video, a recording, of a time past. No one is actually there live and interactive.

In other respects though ghosts can be real visitations to a given place, for similar emotional reasons. Such visitations will be live and interactive, a true presence. [ How can anything like ghosts really exist ]

It needs to be said that some of us, when we die, do not move on into the light of spirit quite so willingly. If, for whatever reason, we have lived our life in ignorance, in fear, in the shadows, perhaps having power over others and/or turning our back on Love, we can become trapped, earthbound. We may then haunt the places we existed in or have an attraction towards now. [ How can anything like ghosts really exist ]

Such souls will be reluctant to receive help to move on, but move on eventually they will have to. Nothing can continue to exist without Love holding them from disappearing altogether.

If you want to get further insight into this topic take a read of Chapter Three, Fringe Benefits in Life and Death: Making Sense of It. You might also take a read of UK Ghost and Poltergeist stories.

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What is the point of reincarnation? It doesn’t make any sense to me. I believe my soul will be in a better place once I die so why would I want to come back here? (L. B.)

Thanks for your question LB. Let me start by saying that I’m wondering if you are coming from an orthodox religious persuasion (one of the Abrahamic religions) in asking this question – or in the way you have phrased it. I’m guessing you might be. [ What is the point of reincarnation ]

The reason I’m considering it this way is because the Abrahamic religions (ostensibly at least) are opposed to reincarnation, or rebirth, and instead believe in our having one life only. Given this position though it would be fair to ask a similar question back: What is the point of having just the one life? [ What is the point of reincarnation ]

Let me explain: We are talking theoretically of a life that may only last a week for one of us, while for another it lasts a hundred years. At the end of life, whatever its length, in this system of belief, we are judged as to whether we are suitable for heaven, hell or possibly purgatory.

But on this basis, as outlined, who has a better chance of getting into heaven. Is it the baby who survived for only a week, or the person who lived for a hundred years and had a better chance of messing things up, or getting things right?

Would you say the baby has the best chance of heaven? If you choose the baby does that not suggest it is better we all live for as short a time as possible, if we want to get into heaven? I think it does.

As I see it, the Abrahamic concept of one life, followed by judgement, is meaningless. It needs revising, updating. For me there are two reasons we come, or return, here to the Earth.

Reason One

The first reason is because we are souls (or “spirits” if you’d prefer). This is our natural form, a part of Love. We are learning to be more loving and less separate from each other. We test ourselves in this treacle of time, this place of resistance. [ What is the point of reincarnation ]

We have, as the Buddhists frequently point out, to let go of our attachment to the world. If we invest in what is transcient, the illusion, it will always fail us. It is, by nature, ever changing and cannot be held onto for long, no matter how hard we grasp onto it.

Everything around us, and what we own, is caught up in change, is in flux. Things are born, or made, and things die or decay. And things are reborn or made again.

In our short physical lives we mostly fail to get this learning, this understanding under our belts. It is not easy to apply even when we grasp the idea. In a given life we may make some, or a lot of progress, or we may even go in the opposite direction – getting more engrossed in the world and its eventual pain and suffering.

Whatever, we are drawn back to repair the damage, to balance the books, to try again, and make the best of opportunity to free ourselves from being ensnared in the world – to become more rounded, awake, and loving beings. I would add that this planet is not the only place we may spend time on, in our learning. [ What is the point of reincarnation ]

Reason Two

The second reason is because I believe we have a remit to help each other and the Earth. It’s not all about the proverbial “meme.” In other words, there is collective work to be done.

You can find out a lot more regarding Reason One from my first book; Life and Death: Making Sense of It. For Reason Two, I am currently writing a book, The Soul Agenda, that will explain my perspective on this matter.

By the way I hope you will be in a “better place” once you die – and have arrived at a state where you don’t need to return here. [ What is the point of reincarnation ]

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Thanks for your question David. [ How, or where, does Jesus fit into your beliefs ]

I believe Jesus was/is a teacher, one of a number of developed souls who came to the Earth (and are still coming) with a mission to remind us of our commitment to Love.

Jesus was/is the Son of God. But… But arguably so were all the people, the rocks and living things around him, back then and now, sons and daughters of God. Jesus was/is further along the path we all have to travel in getting home, back to Love. [ How, or where, does Jesus fit into your beliefs ]

I am currently writing a book, The Soul Agenda, that will explain my views much further on the issue of our return to Love.

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Thanks for your question Razma. [ Do you believe in God ]

My answer is No and Yes. What is often missed in discussions about God is a definition of God. It tends to be assumed that everyone knows the meaning of the word, and what God is therefore supposed to be and look like. All such debate should really start with a definition of the term, “God” and proceed from there.

So depending on definition, my “No” answer is as follows:

I don’t believe in the God that is male, with a long while beard that lives somewhere up there in the sky, who is looking down on us and making decisions and judgements upon us – as to which of us is good and which of us is bad. [ Do you believe in God ]

This is a hangover from old superstition – the old Greek and Roman gods for instance. It is not difficult to see how it arose. Mostly out of our misunderstanding or ignorance of the laws operating in the world and especially nature.

If such a powerful being does exist, it won’t be God.

My “Yes” is based upon this definition:

I believe in an inner source that is universal, that is connected to the All, and connects each one of us together. Some people call it the Source. I often call it Love. It is both male and female and neither.

If you like, God is within us and without us. We are each sons and daughters of God. That goes for all levels of life too. All is awakening or endeavouring to awake. I’m speaking up for the souls of animals and plants here too – and for that matter those who have never lived on this planet.

Take a read of my book, Life and Death: Making Sense of It, to get further insight into my thoughts on this… [ Do you believe in God ]

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Want more? Check out my books. One, Steps to Health, Wealth & Inner Peace is for free.

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