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About the Life and Death book - imageLife and Death: Making Sense of It is intended to make you think, to inform and to challenge you regarding your life. It is packed full of ideas, concepts, anecdotes, information and research.

Here’s a summary of the book’s chapters: [ About the Life and Death book ]


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The Introduction tells you a bit about how I came to write this book.

Get Intro and chapter four FREE imageI was raised a Christian. At a young age, I wanted to be a priest. By my twenties however I had become an atheist and an existentialist in my beliefs. Later, following a series of odd paranormal experiences, and reading a book by CG Jung, I began what has turned into a lifelong quest to better understand life and our “elephant in the room.” And with it, to pin down a sound spiritual argument for why we are here, and where we are heading.

Chapter 1 The Good Life

Asks what the good life is. If we are secure, with all or most of our material needs and ambitions being met, are we living the good life? [ About the Life and Death book ]

There is nothing wrong with wanting the good life and getting it, but could there be anything missing from the matrix we take onboard? This chapter suggests our approach to life may be good but incomplete. [ About the Life and Death book ]

Chapter 2 Are you ready for this?

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Death is something we all face and most of us fear, but ignoring it doesn’t mean it will go away. It is an important part of our lives, a part of a cycle that needs to be better understood.

This chapter raises the serious matter of death and with it a series of life questions, I’d say imperative questions, to set things in context and give focus for the book.

Chapter 3 Fringe Benefits

This chapter looks at supportive evidence for there being life after death. It explores what we might learn about life and death, and ourselves, from so-called fringe disciplines and interests. It draws on reports of the paranormal, near-death experiences, children’s memories of past lives, past life recall and mediumship.

This chapter starts by giving ten powerful reasons why I believe there is more to life than meets the eye and why I believe my soul will survive death. It proceeds to look at a host of evidence in support of our benefitting from what the fringes can tell us about life and death.[ About the Life and Death book ]

Chapter 4 Out of the Garden

What happened around 50,000 years ago?

We are out of the Garden of Eden, no longer living in a state of innocence – we are conscious.

Is life just a random chance outcome, the product of evolution, a hit or miss affair – or is there a plan, an intelligence operating behind it? Are we human beings any different from the rest of the animal kingdom, and if so in what way are we different? And did something happen, dramatic by evolutionary standards, around 50,000 years ago that made us what we are today? [ About the Life and Death book ]

This chapter looks at the rise of consciousness and considers when this came on and what lies behind this.

Chapter 5 The Soul Question

This chapter explores the concept of the soul. Does it exist? What is its nature?

It considers the Christian soul-body belief and Day of Judgement being a distortion. It offers an esoteric description of the soul, and its links with karma – which is also explored in full. [ About the Life and Death book ]

This chapter also includes personal experience, on past lives, to help clarify how I came to change my views on life and death, and to also help underline the points I’m wishing to make here – a big point being, does an ant have a soul?

Chapter 6 The Other Side

Is there an Other Side, a place we go to after death, and if there is what is it like, and where is it?

This chapter discusses life after death in context with what we know of the Other Side – from people who claim to have been there and returned, or have been told through their mediumship. It should sound familiar to us as most of us will have spent more time there than here. [ About the Life and Death book ]

Chapter 7 Life and Death: Making sense of it

After all we have covered, have we made any sense of it?

This concluding chapter revisits the arguments and concerns of the book. It emphasises the main spiritual message of the book, coupled with spiritual urgency. It also proposes how matters raised in the book might be better covered and included in our educational systems.

Appendix: Six Months to Live

Imagine you have been given six months to live. Things are urgent, but it is also a useful chunk of time. What might you do to get your act together and be able to say, on the Other Side, you made some headway in the time that was left? If you have a clear idea then great but if not then I press you to consider applying the stepping stones in this appendix. [ About the Life and Death book ]

Some Inspiration Publications logoLife and Death Making Sense of It is available in paperback (ISBN: 9780993462610) and ebook versions – Kindle, EPUB (ISBN: 9780993462603) and PDF (ISBN: 9780993462627). The paperback version has 324 pages and includes Contents, Notes & References (at the end of each chapter), a Bibliography and Index. The PDF version includes the same. Other ebook versions include the Contents and a referenced Bibliography. Published by Some Inspiration Publications

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