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A thought-provoking spiritual perspective on our lives

Life and Death Making Sense of It explores the experience of life and death from a down-to-earth, thought-provoking, challenging, sometimes humorous, spiritual perspective.

It raises questions and evidence for the afterlife through a range of areas that include the paranormal, NDE, children’s past lives and mediumship.

It offers insight on the nature of the soul, karma, and the Other Side.

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Editorial review

This book has the potential to change the world view of its readers. It offers a broad yet very detailed sweep across the whole spectrum of the subject matter, which makes the book wide-ranging and inclusive.

I am pretty cynical when it comes to believing in the supernatural in any form, but I found myself having to stop short and really think about the possibility of life after death here. I particularly liked how it touches on the fact that people who believe in life after death are happier than those who don’t. Food for thought, indeed.

This is a very individual and readable book which is written from the heart, and which reaches out with great warmth to its readers.

Joanne Harrington, professional editor (via PublishNation UK)

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Some Inspiration Publications logoLife and Death Making Sense of It is available in paperback (ISBN: 9780993462610) and ebook versions – Kindle, EPUB (ISBN: 9780993462603) and PDF (ISBN: 9780993462627). The paperback version has 324 pages and includes Contents, Notes & References (at the end of each chapter), a Bibliography and Index. The PDF version includes the same. Other ebook versions include the Contents and a referenced Bibliography. Published by Some Inspiration Publications

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