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And So This is Christmas is a short book that includes four commentaries on Christmas. These are:

A Merry Secular Christmas
Christmas Past – Yo ho ho!
Christmas and Jesus
Astrology and the birth of a Messiah

The book offers an overview of the Christmas story, covering how we tend to view Christmas now; how it was viewed in the past; its association with Jesus; and the astrology surrounding the star of Bethlehem and the birth of a messiah.

And So This is Christmas | Birthchart 7bc imageMy intention with this book is to help balance the story a little regarding what Christmas means now to what it may have originally meant in the past. I suspect quite a number of readers will either know, or suspect, this bigger story already. It doesn’t hurt to be reminded of it however.

The astrology part may not be so well known, with its links to the Star of Bethlehem, with the Magi or as a means of dating the birth of Jesus.

“… Besides the conjunction also fulfilled an earlier prophesy by astrologers at Sippar (in Babylonia) who predicted the arrival of a Messiah at a time when these same two planets (Jupiter and Saturn) would meet, and in Pisces.”

To get a FREE PDF copy, click the link.

Some Inspiration Publications logoAnd So This is Christmas is currently available in PDF only. The book has 32 pages. Published by Some Inspiration Publications.

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