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Someone asked me, recently, how writers usually start writing. They meant how does one get going on writing. Here’s one or two of my thoughts.[ Getting started on writing ]

We are all different

There’s no one recipe that suits everyone. [ Getting started on writing ]

I don’t know what other writers do but, as I write non-fiction, it is possibly easier for me to make a start. I write about matters I want to get across – that I have also stored up for years. I feel passionate about my interests. I’ve got a pretty clear idea as to what I want to do next too – even if the title and cover ideas have yet to manifest.

But if I was to try and write fiction I would probably be struggling. Another person may have the problem the other way around.

And here are a few tips to go with this comment:

  • Write what you know about and feel passionate about – fiction or non-fiction.
  • Don’t write just for the sake of writing. It’ll probably come out as waffle.
  • Speaking of waffle. It is not a bad idea to just get any old stuff down on paper (well okay in whatever software you are using) until the muse grabs you. I often begin with waffle. I get a few ideas down and not worry about how badly they are written. It means you have already started. The editing can follow later.
  • But before getting in touch with the writing itself; consider using mind-mapping to help bring your book ideas together. It will help you to set up a plan and direction to work from. I write the big ideas for any book down on a piece of paper (in Tony Buzan picture form) first, then let those big ideas draw my attention to other components that need to be included. If you’d prefer to do on a computer you can get hold of the FreeMind program. You’ll soon get the gist.
  • There are other programs, such as MindManager or iMindMap (Tony Buzan linked program) available. Also check out mindmapart to get a sense of what can be done with mind maps.
  • Once you have your mind map sorted, you can then begin to structure (in linear fashion) the sections and chapters for your book, from the map. Get the chapter/section headings – these are probably the main branches of your mind map. Use the next level for sub-headings and so on. If you have done your homework and mapping well, your book will practically write itself – you just need to fill in the blanks. :0)

Happy writing… [ Getting started on writing ]

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