Essentially I’m interested in life and the afterlife with my writing

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Francis O’Neill

And some of the meaningful stuff in between…

I write about mind, body & spirit, and spiritual health.

If they sound like one and the same area, you’re right. They are the same but at different levels, as I perceive them. [ Francis O’Neill spiritual writer ]

People interested in mind, body and spirit matters are not necessarily interested in, for example, UFOs and ghosts (generally the paranormal), nor in the implications these matters conjure for us and our planet.[ Francis O’Neill spiritual writer ]

This of course is assuming their existence is real. On that I have no trouble accepting their existence is real — I’ve seen them, or one or two of them at least.

The spiritual-holistic worldview is of great interest to me. I’ve taken some punches from sceptics in my time, but now I no longer care. Life is too short (in the physical sense at least) to get overly caught up with other people’s beliefs and limited paradigms. I’d sooner deal with what is.

Life and Death making sense of it

Life and Death Making Sense of It | 3D cover image

I’ve written a couple of books thus far and this is my first.

This is a straight-talking book. It addresses:

  • The spiritual purpose to life
  • Knowing what awaits us on the “Other Side”

The book involves discourse on:

  • Human evolution
  • The growth of consciousness
  • Ghosts and the paranormal
  • Near-death experience (NDE)
  • Past lives of children
  • Karma and reincarnation
  • The afterlife experience
  • Who we are as spiritual beings

It encapsulates a great deal of what I have learnt through my experiences, my contacts, my study of astrology and other “fringe” and esoteric matters over many years. Also, for that matter, my time spent in archaeology exploring, first hand, the life and death of people, some of whom died thousands of years ago.

Find out more about the book here.

Buy the book
You can buy the book on Amazon and from all good online retailers. You can also buy it in eBook formats or paperback here.[ Francis O’Neill spiritual writer ]

Find out about my other books

Q & A on the spiritual or paranormal

Because of my interests, for years I’ve had exchanges, discussions, and contact from people seeking my belief, or opinion, on what I call “spiritual health” issues.

Spiritual Q & A imageI’ve covered a lot of my response to this in my Life and Death book, and elsewhere in my writings.

I’m now running a spiritual question and answer menu to make it easier for people to contact me on such issues. Francis O’Neill spiritual writer

If you have  a question that I may be able to help you with, use the Contact form to get in touch.[ Francis O’Neill spiritual writer ]

Your question could touch on matters of life and death, why we are here, near-death experience, karma, reincarnation, children and past lives, the paranormal, ghosts, UFOs, human evolution, consciousness, astrology, orthodox religion, and the likes.

Make your question as clear and specific as possible so that I can give you my best shot of an answer.

Check out questions I have answered under Spiritual Q & A menu. I’m also actively participating in answering such questions on – and some of these turn up under the Spiritual Q & A menu.

Other websites

I’ve got a couple of other websites linked to what I’m doing. These are: Some Inspiration website; where you’ll find topics on self-development, health and wellbeing,

And, what I’d call, a spiritual health website, which is built around the book, Life and Death – Making Sense of It. This second site carries topics around the content of the book – the spiritual, NDE, the paranormal, or more broadly what are deemed as ‘Fringe.’ Francis O’Neill spiritual writer [ Francis O’Neill spiritual writer ]