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If they sound like one and the same area, you’re right. They are the same but at different levels, as I perceive them. [ Francis O’Neill spiritual writer ]

People interested in mind, body and spirit matters are not necessarily interested in, for example, UFOs and ghosts (generally the paranormal), nor in the implications these matters conjure for us and our planet. These matters fascinate me. [ Francis O’Neill spiritual writer ]

This of course is assuming their existence is real. On that I have no trouble accepting the reality of their existence — I’ve seen them, or one or two of them at least.

Life and Death: making sense of it

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I’ve written a couple of books thus far and this is my first.

This is a straight-talking book. It addresses:

  • The spiritual purpose to life
  • Knowing what awaits us on the “Other Side”

The book involves discourse on:

  • Human evolution
  • The growth of consciousness
  • Ghosts and the paranormal
  • Near-death experience (NDE)
  • Past lives of children
  • Karma and reincarnation
  • The afterlife experience
  • Who we are as spiritual beings

It encapsulates a great deal of what I have learnt through my experiences, my contacts, my study of astrology and other “fringe” and esoteric matters over many years. Also, for that matter, my time spent in archaeology exploring, first hand, the life and death of people, some of whom died thousands of years ago.

Find out more about the book here.

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You can buy the book on Amazon and from all good online retailers. You can also buy it in eBook formats or paperback here.[ Francis O’Neill spiritual writer ]

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Q & A on the spiritual or paranormal

Spiritual Q & A imagePlease note, Spiritual Q & A has moved to Some Inspiration website. You’ll find it under the Think on This menu.

As conscious beings we need to be asking the bigger questions that life throws up for us. Is life simply an existential situation where we live, we die, and do our best to have a good life in between? Certainly I used to believe it was as simple as that.

Could life otherwise be meaningful in the bigger sense of the word. Could there be a purpose to our lives beyond our 9 to 5 existence, that is more than our family, our friends, the new car, trips to the supermarket and holidays? Could there be an afterlife? Could there be life on other planets? Are we really spiritual beings in physical form?

What I offer is an opinion, my understanding or belief on spiritual and paranormal matters. In fairness this is an informed opinion based upon experience, years of exploration, interaction with others, and contemplation. My answers/conclusions are not necessarily aligned with conventional wisdom – indeed probably few are.

You’ll find a lot of what I discuss, or cover, is written about in the Life and Death book, and elsewhere in my writings. Also check out some of the Spiritual Q & A questions already covered – under Think on This on the main menu of Some Inspiration.

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You have  a question that I can help you with, use the Some Inspiration Contact form to get in touch, or ask a question off one of the Spiritual Q & A posts.[ Francis O’Neill spiritual writer ]

Your question could touch on matters suggested above, why we are here, near-death experience, karma, reincarnation, children and past lives, the paranormal, ghosts, UFOs, human evolution, consciousness, astrology, orthodox religion, and the likes…